Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lycra-spandex dude hopping bound & gagged

A very special training for this poor bound and gagged lycra-spandex running tights clad dude ...
Helplessly running on the spot, hopping ... going nowhere !

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The roommate seat

Darren was completely tied up like a chicken on a special bench.
His tapegag was tightly cinched to the bench. His gagged face was ready
to be used as a seat for Matt who would surf on the web for several hours.

Matt's tight jeans bubble butt was presented at his sight. 
Helplessly Darren saw the Matt buttocks cinched on the tight faded jeans,
like they were painted on, coming right on his helpless gagged face.

Smelling the tight jeans butt of the devil Matt, it was difficult for Darren
to breath. His only sight was Matt's tight jeans ass and the celling.
Time to time, Matt lifted of his human's seat to give some air at Darren
but then unmercely sat again on his helpless gagged face.
He decided to surf on the web several hours.

Punishment bondage cells